I opened up two mystery eggs from Safeway

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I know that it is not even February yet, but Safeway already has some Easter items available. On Sunday, when I went to Safeway, I was excited when I saw these large plastic eggs that had a surprise toy inside. I bought one but I did not open it until yesterday. speaking of yesterday, I went to Safeway again, and I bought another surprise egg. I decided to open them up together. I made a reel on Instagram of me opening up the eggs. My user name is summerrockstar if you want to see it. There was one very cute plush animal in each of the eggs. One of the eggs had a yellow chick inside the other one had a white lamb. I did notice that the chick had a what appeared to be dirt on it. I used a rag, soap, and water to clean it off. I would consider buying another one of these eggs.

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Rock On! – Christina Epperly

Hello bubble gum troll

Hello , my bucket list friends ! In My last blog last blog post I wrote about some fun and happy things that have happened to me this month but one thing happened after I started writing the post so here is a fun blog post about a new a friend that came in the mail .

Hello, bubble gum troll


Last month when I was I playing Candy Crush there was a pop up about a bubble gum troll plush . It said I could get one sent to me free I thought I was going to have to pay for shipping but nope it was completely free . On Wednesday November 7th a very cute and smiling Bubble Gum troll plush arrived ! I love his big happy smile he is so cute ! I’m very happy to have a happy Bubble Gum troll friend !