2023’s goals and 2022 results!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! We are now at the beginning of 2023! Before we move on to 2023 goals, let’s see how I did in 2022!

2022 goal results

1. Cross 10 things off my bucket list – I didn’t cross off ten items, but I got pretty close by crossing 8 items off my list!

2. Do a paid voice-over job – No, but I’m hopeful that this will become a reality in 2023!

3. Complete my voice acting training – yes, I did do this!

4. Go on a summer vacation . Yes, I went to Colorado in June and Idaho in July and a quick trip for my birthday in August.

5. Get a new tattoo – No, this didn’t happen.

6. Spend some time in LA – Yes, I did this in December!

7. See a friend at least once a month – I don’t think it was every every month I should have kept better track of this.

8. Publish 12 or more posts on Vocal Media – Yes, I published more than 12 this year!

9. Read in my Bible at least once a week – unfortunately, no.

10. Get four or more massages – I’m not sure how many I got this year but did get some.

11. Do a room tour blog post – Nope, it didn’t happen.

12. Make 12 or more Instagram reels – Yes! I made a bunch of reels this year.

13. Do another self timer photo shoot – Yes, I had fun with the camera timer this year. I took some great photos of me in one of my Alice Cooper outfits.

14. Read 50 books – No, I read 18 books this year.

15. Go swimming 5 or more times – I may have crossed this one off, but I’m not sure.

Now, it is time for my 2023 goals!

My 2023 goals!

1. Cross 10 items off of my bucket list

2. Go on a cruise

3. Visit a state that I have never been to before

4. Get my voice acting website set up

5. Do at least five paid voice-over jobs

6. Read 50 books

7. Stretch regularly

8. Stop over spending

9. Read the Bible regularly

10. Attend church regularly

11.Go camping

12. spend lots of time with family and friends

13. Cook more microwave less

14. Write and post 20 short stories

15. Do arts and crafts at least one a month

16. Ride a carousel I’ve never ridden before

17. Make 20 or more Instagram reels

18. Go to an amusement park. I’ve never been to before

19. Apply for reality TV and game shows

20. Go to the movies three or more times

There you have it, my goals for the new year!

Thanks for reading!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

2020 goals

Hello, my bucket list friends ! Here we are in a brand new year ! In my last post I reviewed the goals I made for 2019. In this post I’ll talk about my goals for this year let’s get to it !

2020 goals

Draw at least on picture every week – I really enjoy drawing and I want to make it a priority this year.

listen to audio books for 3 hours each week – I love audio books but I want to listen to them more consistently.

Read two or more books each month – I have so many unread books in my room I need to work on reading some of them.

build up my saving accounts – It’s time to set up a good financial safety net.

Hang out with a friend at least once a month – friend time is very important but life gets busy and sometimes it gets forgotten. This year I want to make more time for friends.

Complete the monthly step challenge on Samsung Health each month – I love this app and I really want to earn all 12 badges this year !

Rock On – Christina Epperly

2019 goals how did I do ?

Hello, my bucket list friends! As we say hello to 2020 and make goals for this new year it’s time to take a minute or so to review the goals I made for 2019! Here we go .

New years goals 2019

Decrease my dairy and sugar consumption – Nope just nope.

pay off two of my three credit cards – Another nope.

Get a day planer and use it – Yes ! I loved having my day planner with me it was great for taking notes and remembering appointments. I already got another one for this year .

Use my essential oil diffuser – I started out the year using it but I started hearing about how it can be dangerous for cats and since my cats are in my room a lot I stopped using it .

Get back in to WWE – A little bit but not as much as I would have liked to .

Use twitter more often – somewhat I’ll keep trying to use it more this year

Use coloring for stress relief – I did do some coloring this year and it is good for stress relief and relaxation.

Get to my goal credit score – Nope

Cross 12 things off my bucket list this year – No, but I crossed eight great items off !


Rock On – Christina Epperly


New years goals 2019

Hello, my bucket list friends. It’s a new year, so that means it is time for some new goals . This year I’m hopping to focus on reducing stress and reducing debt . I also have a few smaller goals that I want to accomplish this year. So let’s get to it


New years goals 2019

Decrease my dairy and sugar consumption

When it comes to my diet there are two things that stand out to me . Number one wanting to move towards a vegan lifestyle and number two wanting to decrease the amount of sugar that I’m eating . I have a feeling that 2019 is the perfect year to start these changes .

pay off two of my three credit cards

I have three credit cards that need to get paid off . A similar item was in my goals last year but  I did not succeed so I’m looking forward focusing on decreasing my debt this year

Get a day planer and use it

I got one of Christmas and I’ve already started using it so I’m off to a good start

Use my essential oil diffuser

I got one a while ago but I haven’t set it up yet. Essential oils are great for reducing stress and that is one of my main focuses this year.

Get back in to WWE

I’ve been a WWE fan for many years but when I went to massage school  I stopped watching it and I haven’t got back into it yet.  I want to go back to being the WWE fan I used to be .

Use twitter more often

One of my bucket list items is to tweet 10,000 times so I need to step it up . I also want to live tweet during WWE shows like I use to.

Use coloring for stress relief

I’m going to do my very best to reduce stress this year and coloring has helped me in the past I just need to do it more often .

Get to my goal credit score

This year feels like a good year to get this done !

Cross 12 things off my bucket list this year

A dozen items in one year ? sounds like a great challenge to me !

Rock on – Christina Epperly