Taking walks, taking pictures, making a mess, and drinking coffee

Hello, my bucket list, friends! January seemed to go by pretty fast, but here we are in February, and it seems to be dragging slowly by at times. It’s probably partly due to the cold. I’m a summer girl. I’m not a huge fan of the cold and having to bundle up. Don’t get me wrong. This is an important season, but I would rather have sunshine and flipflops. I’m looking forward to the summer, and I hope time starts to pick up a bit and then slows down again when the summertime gets here. I have big plans for the summer so I have to stop my spending for a while to save up and that is already frustrating me. Anyways I should probably stop ranting and get on with the post. I started this post so I could write about what I did yesterday. I had the day off yesterday, and I stayed home for most of the day. I posted an article on Vocal Media. ( You can read it HERE ) I was also watching my neighbor’s dog, so we went on a walk. On our walk, I took a bunch of photos, including one of a deer. It is not a very good picture because the deer was kind of faraway, but I’m happy I got to see it. Walks are good for my health, so I was kind of glad that the dog made me get out and walk. Later on in the day, I got a craft kit from my room and brought it up to the table. It was a craft kit where you put colorful gems on plastic figures. I ended up getting frustrated with how hard it was to put the gemstones on that I just ended up dumping the gems on the plastic figure that I had chosen. It made a big mess, but I’m ok with how the project turned out, but I won’t be buying any more kits like this in the future. The highlight of yesterday was going to Starbucks. After Starbucks, I went on another walk. It was an okay day overall, and I’m glad I learned more about what kinds of craft kits not to buy!

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Rock On – Christina Epperly

Blogmas day 10 Two trips to Starbucks and fun at the toy store.

Hello,my bucket list, friends! Welcome to the 10th day of blogmas! Yesterday, I went to Starbucks twice, and I also got two fun items at the toy store. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, so let’s get to it. My first trip to Starbucks was before I went to work. I got a sugar cookie almond milk latte. That drink has become one of my go-to Starbucks drinks lately. After that I still had time before work so I decided to go to the toy store. I was planning on getting another play foam pals toy. I didn’t see any at first, but then I saw that they had a few left. I got an orange colored one. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m excited to see what toy is inside the foam. At the toy store, they were having a sale on advent calendars. They were 40% off. I decided to get this one that had 12 ornaments in it that you color. After the toy store, I went to work. My work day went well, and then I went home. However, when I was close to being home, I realized that I had left my toy store bag at work. I went back to work, and I was happy that I didn’t leave it outside. I had left it on a table inside. After I got my bag. I went to Starbucks again. I want to get my my something to say thank you to my mom for taking me back to work. I also got myself a peppermint mocha and a snowman cookie. It was a good way to end the day.

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Rock On- Christina Epperly