My summer 2023 drawing!

Hello, my bucket list friends! For a while now I have been drawing a yearly summer picture in celebration of my favorite season. Earlier this month I drew this year’s picture. Most of my pictures are colorful and fun and this year’s drawing is no different. I love that this picture is full of smiles and animals. Some of the things in the picture like the boat represent things that I did this summer. I wonder what next summer’s picture will look like.

Thanks for reading about this years summer picture! – Christina Epperly

Drawing a summer picture!

Hello, my bucket list friends! Back in 2010 I started drawing a picture to celebrate summer. I did miss 2011 but other than that I’ve been doing it ever since. Today was the day I drew this year’s picture. I used colored pencils and crayons for this year’s picture. I’m really happy with the way my picture looks. I was just kind of making things up as I went when I drew this picture. However, I’m very happy to have this drawing as a part of my art collection.

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Hello, happy frog!

Hello,my bucket list friends! Art is one of thoes things that puts me in a good mood! Tuesday night I decided to use the paint sticks that I got at Michaels on Saturday to draw a picture. I didn’t know what to draw at first so I went to to pintrest for some inspiration. After looking around on Pintrest for a while I decided to draw a frog. I found very easy directions on how to draw a frog. I followed the directions and I’m so happy with the way my picture turned out. It is so whimsical and happy looking! I’m so glad I got thoes paint sticks at Michaels. I’m excited to make more pictures with them.

Rock On – Christina Epperly