Toy store fun ,special deliveries, and a blessed Easter Sunday

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I hope all of you had a great Easter! I know that a lot of people are on vacation around this time. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. However, summer is on the way, and I’ve got big plans, including plans to cross off a fair amount of bucket list items! I’m kind of disappointed that I have not crossed any items of my list in 2023 yet, but if things go according to plan, that will change in June. For now, it is time to talk about my weekend! Let’s get to it!

Friday – On this day, I worked the closing shift. Before work, I made a stop at the toy store. I’m really excited about the Breyer horse toy that I got. It comes with three horses. I also got a Pez dispenser, some stickers and more. Of course, I went to my normal place for coffee before going to work. The work day went pretty well as it normally does. It was Good Friday, but because I was working, I was unable to go to church, but it was on my heart and mind. I even drew some crosses and hearts on the sleeve of my coffee cup. After work, I went to the candy store, and I got a bag of some of my favorite lollipops!

Saturday – I had the day off. I decided to do my shopping for the day through my phone. I used Instacart and Uber eats to have items delivered to my house . For my Instacart order, I shopped at Walmart. I ordered food items that I needed, but I also got some fun items as well. Those fun items included stickers, a wooden cactus, two Barbie pets blind bag toys, and a sand castle mold. Some of my items had to be replaced with other items. A craft kit that I ordered was replaced with a paint set, and the bouncy balls were replaced with some very cute stamps. Overall, I was very happy with my instacart order, but I was sad about one item that had to be refunded, so I decided to order from CVS using the Uber Eats app. I ordered five items, but because it was the day before Easter, a lot of the Easter items were out of stock. I got three out of the five items I wanted, and I was very happy with what I did get. I was very excited to get a little Pez dispenser that came in a plastic egg. I also got a bath bomb with a prize inside and a can of iced coffee. The coffee was really good. I posted a reel of me trying it on my Instagram page. ( summerrockstar) I also used the paint set I got from Walmart to help me paint my wooden cactus later on that day. I also used some paint that I already had. I really like the way my cactus art project turned out. I also got a visit from the neighbor’s dog that day. I was a pretty great day!

Sunday – I also had this day off, and it was a special day because it was Easter Sunday! It was a beautiful sunny day outside, and even though I did not go anywhere, I still put on a dress for Easter. I made some pasta, and I put some veggies and bread on the side to make a little Easter feast for myself. My neighbor’s dog also came over. I decided put together the Barbie puzzle that I got at my favorite local thrift store. I thought the puzzle had all the pieces, but there were some that were missing. However, those pieces were at the bottom of the puzzle, so it did not impact the overall picture. It was a relaxing day.

Thanks for reading about my weekend!

Rock On- Christina Epperly