Bucket list #42 have a pizza eating contest

Hello, my bucket list friends ! During my amazing sleepover weekend with my amazing awesome friend ,I crossed another item off my list . ( you can read about the other list item HERE ) Now without further delay here is the second item that I crossed off in 2019 !


Bucket list #42 have a pizza eating contest

My friend and I had gotten two pizzas for our sleepover we ate one Friday night and saved the next one for Saturday . I asked my friend if she wanted to have a pizza eating contest and because she is so awesome she said yes . We had cooked the pizza the night before and when we put in a container to go in the fridge we didn’t use a pizza cutter so the pieces were all uneven.  So it wasn’t a fair contest but we didn’t really care . I finished my piece first and won but it was smaller then my friend’s piece. I took a video of us having the contest and it is a pretty funny video at lest I think so . I might upload the video to You Tube soon but in the meantime take a look and some stills from the video.

Cheers to another list item being crossed off my bucket list !

Rock On – Christina Epperly




The end of the great refrigerator saga of 2018

Hello, my bucket list friends ! Some of you may recall a post I wrote in September about our refrigerator breaking and all the problems that we had trying to get it fixed then trying to get it replaced . ( you can read about it here ) At the end of that post the issue was still on going although we did get a mini refrigerator as a temporary fix but the saga continued until October 31st when we finally got a new refrigerator ! Now it’s time for the happy ending !


The end of the great refrigerator saga of 2018

After another failed delivery and feeling like we may never get a new refrigerator October 31st was the day we finally go a new one ! It was a long stressful road but at last it had a happy ending ! The new fridge is up and running and I’m ready for a new box of Ice cream bars! It’s so great to buy whatever I want at the store without worrying about fitting everything into the mini refrigerator . After not having a full sized refrigerator since August I’m very happy to have one now ! Here are some pictures of our new beautiful refrigerator.

Rock on – Christina Epperly

Happy 28th birthday and a trip to the ER

Hello, My bucket list friends I had on 28th birthday on August 26th and it was a wild one ! I really didn’t see it turning out the way it did but that’s life for you ! Hang on tight and I’ll tell about my crazy birthday !



My 28th birthday and a trip to the ER

My birthday started with a trip to Peet’s coffee and petting some very cute dogs there before heading to work .  While I was at work my amazing friend brought me cake ! After work I went out to eat with my family we went to PF Chang’s. The food was so good and the desserts were wonderful ! After dinner we were driving back home and a pain that I had been having throughout the day began to get worse and worse . It was soon unbearable about an 8 on the pain scale . I didn’t want to go to the ER because it is expensive but due to the amount of pain I was in I didn’t have a choice . I’m not sure what time it was when I got to the ER maybe around 10 pm . Right away the tests began to find a source of the pain . After hours of doing tests and waiting the ultrasound showed that I has a cyst on my left ovary. It is about 5 1/2 CM. long . It was decided that I did not need anything further right then but that needed to talk to my doctor in a day or so . I was given some pain medication and after 3 AM I left the ER. The issue with the cyst is still on going . I’m going to be talking to a surgeon next week but I’ll write more about that another time . Overall it was a birthday I wont soon forget !

Rock on – Christina Epperly

Summer 2018 update !

Hello my bucket list friends ! Since we are now in July I thought it would be a good time to give an update on my awesome summer ! Hold on tight and here we go !

Summer 2018 update !

I have to say that June was a pretty great month ! I ended the school year on a good note and I went into the summer ready for fun ! I’ve had a great time working with my friend at summer camp and my summer mall weekend was amazing . Some other June highlights include going to see the Incredibles 2 , painting an awesome horse at petroglyph , finding some My Little Pony books at the used book store, spending time with family and friends  and of course lots of shopping and awesome food ! I’m excited to be in July now because I have some vacations coming up ! I’ll also be crossing off list items during those vacations !   Happy Summertime Everyone and rock on – Christina Epperly


thanksgiving in Idaho

Hello, my beautiful bucket list friends! Here we are in the last month of 2017 and I have quite a few blog posts that I want to write and videos that I want to make before we jump on into 2018 so get ready for a lot of updates from this professional dreamer.



This past thanksgiving was very different for me, it was the first thanksgiving that I have ever celebrated outside of California. The biggest difference is that it was colder then California thanksgiving but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to Los Angeles, the day after I crossed #139 (go beach hopping) off my list. I woke up very early that Tuesday morning to go LAX, so I could take my first flight of two flights that I would take that day. I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare so I had all the time I needed to find my gate, eat and charge up my phone before getting on my first flight to Seattle. After a two-hour ride I was in the state of Washington for the first time ever. When I arrived, one of the first things I did was look at my flight information on my phone. I was confused at first but it didn’t take long for me to realize that my 2nd flight (the one that would take me to Idaho) was delayed by about 3 hours. Needless to say, I was not very happy about this, but life happens. One of the worst things about being stuck in the airport was looking outside and seeing the awful weather outside but from what I hear that’s just how it is in Seattle. I was really missing the California sunshine at this point . The Disneyland plane that was parked by the windows was able to put a smile on my face, but I had plenty of time before the now delayed plane was ready to go. So I did the best thing I could to lift my mood I bought myself some food, a snow globe and a post card. After my little shopping trip, I relaxed the best I could until it was time for my last flight of the day. When I finally got to Idaho I was tired but excited to see my family and Jewels one of my favorite dogs in the whole world. After going out for a great dinner and spending time with family I crashed. The next day was the day before Thanksgiving so it was a very busy day, but I was able to stop by the Goodwill and get some cool stuff including some My Little Pony toys. It was a fun day filled with lots of shopping, food and family fun. I had a lot of new my little pony toys before the day ended.

The next day  it was time to celebrate thanksgiving with some of the people that I love most.Even tough I was in a different time zone than normal. Thanksgiving was pretty much the same. There was lots of food and time to catch up with those you don’t get to see often. After a great day of celebrating with family and eating lots of wonderful food. It was time to get ready for my 4th and final fight of the trip. The flight back home was fast and before I knew it I was back with my cats in California. It was a good but short trip to Idaho. When I go back I should have more time to explore and maybe even cross off a list item or two.

Rock on – Christina Epperly



February 2017 comfort zone buster

Hello my bucket list friends  . As you know each month I’m coming up with a different comfort zone buster . To help me complete my news years goal . This month I decide to go vegan . This is a comfort zone buster for me because even though I am a vegetarian so giving up meat is something that I did over four years ago, I still eat dairy pretty much every day. I’m going to tell you right now that I did not stay with this comfort zone buster for the whole month. after two weeks, I gave in and ate some chocolate but I’m going to tell you about the two weeks I spent being vegan.  On my first day of being vegan I started off the day with toast and almond butter. I was off to a good start and things didn’t seem so hard just a few changes like switching to a different brand of energy bar that did not have dairy and getting my veggie bowl at Chipotle without cheese. it was sometimes hard to say no to donuts and other treats but I stuck with it for two weeks until I gave in to chocolate. I would like to try being vegan again sometime because there are many wonderful vegan foods out there and shopping for vegan food is actually very easy. I just have to say that vegan ice cream is amazing! Also, some frozen yogurt places offer nondairy flavors so I was still able to enjoy creating my own frozen yogurt creation I think I will keep this challenge for next year. Rock on – Christina Epperly

Fun with food and drink

Everyone loves food so chances are that if you have a bucket list you probably have some food related items on your list so here are some of the  food and drink items that I have crossed off my bucket list so far. Note – Some of the following list items contain the consumption of alcohol. I’m of legal drinking age and I do not in any way promote or condone underage drinking or irresponsible drinking. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse you can go to https://ncadd.org/index.php for help and information .

Number 91. make jolly ranchers suckers crossed off 11/18/12
When I was looking through Pinterest I saw some pictures showing how to make Jolly Rancher suckers and I knew I had to add it to my list! I love hard candy and lollypops so I knew that I would love making these suckers. They were really easy to make and they tasted amazing!

092 099

Number 35. Play beer pong. Crossed off 1/14/2014
This is a classic college game some might even say that it is a rite of passage! Since I did not go to a four year college, I never really had a chance to play it. This is one list item that I did not plan ahead of time. My friend knew that this was on my bucket list and while we were at the store before going to my house she asked if I wanted to cross it off the night of course I said yes because I love crossing things off my bucket list . We played the game that night I was not very good at it but it was a lot of fun! It was worth playing.

143 150 152 (2) 030 040 113 125

#43 become a vegetarian . Crossed off 9/1/12
I had tried to be a vegetarian before but it did not last very long because I was not prepared and I had not done research about how to eat right. When I decided to cross off this list item I did lots of research and I set a date when I was going to go Vegetarian. I was successful this time and I have been a vegetarian for almost three years now! I love being a vegetarian I have gotten to try all kinds of food that I probably would have not tried before.


#9 try bud light platinum Crossed off 5/30/12
Bud light is my favorite beer and when I saw that bud light platinum was coming out I was very excited to try it , so I added it to my list . When I got to drink it I really enjoyed the taste. I still like the original better but I’m glad I put this one on my list it was definitely worth trying .


#74 make up a recipe Crossed off March 2015
This one kind of just happened I ended up making a very simple and kind of weird sandwich but I love it and it felt good to cross one more thing off my list .
Awesome gooey surprise sandwich

Recipe by Christina Epperly
1. Two pieces of any kind of sliced bread
2. Two slices of pepper jack cheese
3. Mustard

1. Take both slices of bread and lay them out on a microwavable plate
2. Put one slice of pepper jack cheese on each slice of bread ,Then put the slices together
3. Put bread and cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds
4. Take sandwich out of microwave and pull pieces of bread apart (be careful cheese will be hot )
5. Put a dot of mustard in the middle of the cheese on each slice of bread
6. Put the slices together and eat !


#84 eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting . Crossed off 11/26/12
Now this one was pretty easy but also crazy to cross off , I bought a bottle of whipped cream and then when I got home I sat down in the living room and I started to empty the can it was fun because I have a major sweet tooth but I started to feel a little sick after a while so I drank some water. I was happy when I was finally finished. I’m glad I did this one but I don’t want to do it again. 004 006 066

#90 try deep fried Twinkies crossed off 6/23/12
Trying new food can be lots of fun so I decided to put this on my list because I knew that it would be very interesting to try. One summer day at the boardwalk I decided to cross this list item off. The deep fried Twinkies were pretty good, it was not amazing but it is worth trying at least once.


Happy bucket listing – Christina Epperly