Disney’s 12 days of socks

Hello, my bucket list friends ! When I was in Disneyland this month ( you can read about it HERE and HERE) I got a 12 days of socks advent calendar! I thought it would be fun to share all the cute socks the advent calendar contained so let’s get to it ! 


Disney’s 12 days of socks

 Day 1 – Day one’s socks were printed with sugar cookies ! Including Mickey shaped cookies of course ! I had a hard time opening the windows to get the socks out so most of the time I just reached my hand in through the top of the box to get the socks out. Anyways day one’s socks were super cute and I loved wearing them ! 


    Day 2- All the socks in the calendar follow a food/ treat themes I was excited to see what sweet treat would be on day two’s socks. The next treat I got to wear on my feet was Mickey shaped cake pops and candy canes ! I love candy canes and Mickey Mouse. Day two’s socks were pretty awesome since they featured a double treat combo. 



Day 3 –  Day three’s socks were clear that this is the most yummiest time of the year! 



    Day 4 – Day four’s socks had one big sweet treat printed on them, a big Minnie Mouse ginger bread cookie ! I got a cookie similar to this when I was in Disneyland. When I look at this pair of socks I remember just how good that ginger bread cookie tasted ! 


               Day 5-  Day five’s socks were a fun combo of Mickey Mouse shaped peppermints and gumdrops. Two things that would be awesome to decorate a gingerbread house with. I really liked this pattern. I think it just might be one of my favorites ! 



Day 6- Day six’s socks had a big Minnie Mouse caramel apple on them. I’ve never really thought of a caramel apple as a Christmastime treat but the way that they look on this pair of socks make me think that caramel apples might just be a perfect treat for Christmastime.



Day 7-  Over half way through the 12 days of socks ! Day seven’s socks featured a traditional Christmas treat, hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream! Of course it was in a fun Mickey Mouse mug.  



Day 8 – Day eight’s socks looked like a baking sheet full of delicious Christmas Cookies !   



Day 9 –  Day nine brought a whole line up of sweet treats with hot chocolate , peppermints and cake pops ! 



Day 10 – I don’t remember at what point I started doing this but I was just pulling socks out of the box without trying to match them to the number . Day ten’s socks were some very cute Mickey Mouse ginger bread cookies ! 


Day 11- Now, day eleven’s socks were really full of fun ! Stripes,snowflakes and other cool things were featured on the socks .



Day 12 – The last socks I got from this fun advent calendar were very cute ! There was one big Mickey Mouse marshmallow pop on each sock ! This was the perfect pair of socks to end this really great advent calendar with ! 

Rock On – Christina Epperly 


Disneyland Dec. 2019

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I just got back from Disneyland one of my favorite places in the whole world ! I had a really great time and I have a lot to say so let’s get to it !!

Disneyland Dec. 2019

This Disneyland adventure started on Wednesday with a short plane ride then an Uber ride. When my parents and I got to the hotel I didn’t want to stay there long because I was super excited to go to Downtown Disney. Not long after arriving to the hotel we walked to Downtown Disney I was so excited to be back at the Disneyland resort! I took some pictures as we walked to the World of Disney store. I already had an idea of what I wanted to buy there .Some of the things I wanted were sold out but that didn’t stop me from finding some great items. Some of my favorites included a Peppermint scented Mickey Mouse pillow, a 2019 Disneyland shirt, and a pack of post cards. After shopping it was time to eat we went to Black Tap and had a wonderful dinner. After walking around a little bit we headed back to the hotel to get rested for the big day we had ahead of us. The next day we made it to Disneyland early enough to attend magic morning. Magic morning is when the park opens a little earlier for some people. We were able to go to magic morning because we had  three day park hopper tickets. We quickly got going on the rides and we also got some great pictures by the Main Street Christmas tree. We were able to do a lot of the rides we wanted to do with the help of max pass. Max pass let’s you make fast pass reservations right from your phone it also lets you download and share ride photos as well as the photos that Disney Photographers take of you. We had lunch reservations at Cafe Orleans and the food was very good. I also went and did some shopping of course! My favorite thing I got that day was the classic mouse ear hat. I already had a pink mouse ear hat with my first name on it , now I have a black pair with my last name on it . I also got to cross off a bucket list item this day. I have wanted to take an official Disneyland tour for a while now and on this trip I got to! We took the holiday tour and it was so much fun! Along with the tour we got reserved seats for the Christmas parade, hot chocolate in souvenir mugs and special tour pins. Later that night I road splash mountain and got soaked! I ended up getting some Star Wars pants because my jeans were so heavy with water ! The next day we started off at California Adventure. We rode the more popular rides first some of which are my favorites! Then I got to ride the new carousel I really like the cute cartoon like animals on the new carousel. We had lunch reservations but as we were waiting for our table to be ready it started raining pretty heavily. We stayed under a big umbrella until it was time to eat. we had a wonderful meal at the Wine Country Trattoria ,then we went to buy some rain ponchos before heading over to Disneyland.When we got to Disneyland we went on the Disneyland railroad . We rode it all the way around the park then back to Tomorrow land where we went on the finding Nemo submarine voyage ride before going back to the hotel. The next day was our last day in the parks for this trip. I started my day off in California adventure while my parents went to Disneyland to do rides. I had a very important reason for starting my day off in California Adventure. During Christmas time the Disneyland resort makes fresh candy canes that are available to buy the same day but they are very popular so you have to line up early to get one. I got to the park before it opened but when I got in the gate there was already a line to get candy canes. When I got to the front on the line I was given a wrist band and told to return at 9:00 am to buy my candy cane. I had sometime before then so I got a fast pass for the Toy Story ride. Then I took a nice and relaxing walk over to Pixar pier. When the park officially opened I rode two rides before using my fast pass for the Toy Story ride. After that it was time to go get my candy cane. I went and bought my candy cane and two Disney pins, after that  I went over to Disneyland where my parents were. I got popcorn in a very cute popcorn bucket and I rode two more rides before I met up with my parents. When my parents and I met up in Tomorrow Land we went on more rides followed by a stop the Tropical Hideaway for food  and Dole whips. We had dinner reservations at Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland hotel but we still had some time before then so we went to California Adventure for more fun. When it came time for dinner I was so excited it had been a very long time since I had been to Goffy’s Kitchen. Dinner at Goffy’s Kitchen was a lot of fun! We all really liked the food and had a fun time interacting with Goofy and his friends! To sum everything up this vacation was one on the best ones I’ve ever been on and I can’t wait until my next Disney adventure.

Rock on – Christina Epperly







Toy Story 4 review ( Spoiler free)

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I have been very limited on time lately but I’m determined to catch up on my blog posts. Last month I got to see Toy Story 4 and I can’t wait to tell you about it . Let’s go !

Toy Story 4 review ( Spoiler free)

I have seen all of the Toy Story movies and I was looking forward to the latest addition. This one is perfect for summertime because not only does it take place during the summer ,most of the movie takes place during a road trip! The characters that fans loved from the previous movies are back along with some new ones as well. My favorites of the new characters are Ducky and Bunny . This very funny duo brought many laughs ! As with the other movies before it ,there are some serious moments but don’t let that prevent you from going to see this fun filled adventure. I can honestly say that there was never a slow moment in this movie. The story moved at a perfect pace there was not a minute where I was board. Of course this wouldn’t be a proper review of Toy Story 4 if I didn’t mention Forky ! Forky is a very fun a unique charter he also provides lots of laughs and he is very cute! To sum this all up go see this movie ! It’s a great summertime movie for all ages. Rock On – Christina Epperly


Aladdin 2019 movie review ( spoiler free)

Hello, my bucket list friends ! This huge Disney fan (me) just saw the Aladdin live action remake on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it yet no worries because this review is free from spoilers ! Let’s get to it !


Aladdin 2019 movie review ( spoiler free)

When I saw the previews for the new Aladdin movie I knew I just had to see it. It looked like a very fun and attention grabbing movie and it was. The live action version kept all the songs and charters that I loved about the original movie but it added more to it! I really loved one of the new songs! This movie was full of the magic that you would expect from Disney. The changes that were made from the original worked well and it didn’t seemed forced. Overall I really enjoyed The live action version of Aladdin and I highly recommend going to see it !

Rock on- Christina Epperly

Dumbo 2019 Movie review ( Spoiler Free)

Hello, my bucket list friends on Monday night I got to go see the remake of the movie Dumbo. I’m huge Disney fan and the previews for this remake looked really good. I was excited to see it and I’m so glad I did!




Dumbo 2019 Movie review ( Spoiler Free)


First Things first week days night are a great time to go see movies. We went to a nice theater where you have assigned seats and reclining chairs.  We went on Monday so it was not busy at all! There was no line for popcorn or the bathroom and it was just really nice not to be packed in with a bunch of other people. Now, let’s get to the movie ! The last time I watch the original Dumbo movie was probably sometime in the 90’s so I remember parts of it but not the whole thing but I do know that there was a cute new spin on my favorite scene from original movie. Hint it’s the scene with bubbles ! The main difference I noticed about the new movie is that there was a lot more focus on the circus performers and their lives and interactions with Dumbo instead of just focusing on Dumbo’s story. The actors in this movie were amazing everyone worked really well together . Of Course the CGI was mind blowing as well. It was hard to tell sometimes what was CGI and what wasn’t. The story was told very well and I really liked the well rounded plot and the flow of the story . The movie had a great overall pacing ,there were no lagging moments. It was a great adventure story and I recommend going to see it !

Rock on ! – Christina Epperly



Bucket List #76 get a Disney Tattoo

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I just crossed another item of my bucket list. As always I’m excited to share my adventure with all of you so here we go !



Bucket List #76 get a Disney Tattoo


I have been wanting to cross this one off for a while now and on Friday I finally got my chance. My friend and I were having a wonderful hang out day. We had just finished walking around a park when we were trying to decide what to do next. I looked on my phone and saw that there was a tattoo shop nearby that took walk ins so we went to check it out. When we got there I was happy to hear that they had time to take a walk in appointment . I wanted to get two Mickey Mouse shaped balloons but I wanted one of them to have a bow on top to look like Minnie.I showed the artist some pictures of similar tattoos and he drew up the perfect design. My friend enjoyed watching and taking pictures while I got my newest tattoo. I’m a huge Disney fan and I wanted a fun tattoo that would show that. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I’m also happy that I crossed another item off my list !

Rock on – Christina Epperly


Surprise Disneyland Trip

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m so happy to tell you about my trip to Disneyland last week . As you can probably tell by the title of this post I had no idea that I was going to Disneyland. I thought that my mom and I were driving down to Oxnard to go to the Dallas Cowboys training camp, go to the beach and play mini golf. I was excited to go on a trip and take a break from work and school but I really wanted to go to Disneyland but since I’m only working part time right now , I could not afford to go. Little did I know my parents were going to give me the best birthday /graduation gift ever! The day we were leaving I opened the suitcase to pack for the trip. As I started to open the suit case I saw that there was some things inside . There was a note on top of some other things the note was written on Minnie Mouse  paper. The note on top read Surprise!! You’re going to…  I moved the first piece of paper and the one underneath simply read Disneyland!!! I was very surprised and overwhelmed with joy, I also found out that we were flying and that we would be there and we would be in Disneyland that Evening! After a quick flight and dropping our things off at the right hotel after accidently going to the wrong one first. My mom and I walked to Disneyland, I was so happy I could not believe that I was actually in Disneyland. My mom had gotten the new max pass for all three days of our trip so we could make fast pass reservations from her phone. The first day We got to go on some awesome rides including the Jungle cruise, Space Mountain, and It’s a small world  . We also had a very tasty dinner and I did some shopping. The next day we started off in Disneyland , we enjoyed some more rides and of course I did some more shopping  .One of my favorite  things that I bought was the classic mouse ear hat with my name  on it .We had a very delicious lunch before going over to Disney California adventure  to enjoy some wonderful rides  and  get some pictures taken by Disney’s photographers. I just have to say I love the new guardians of the galaxy ride the music is amazing and the whole ride is one big adventure . I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m happy they changed the theme of the ride   On the last day, We started at Disney California adventure. I had a great time riding the king triton carousel carousel, hiking on the redwood creek challenge trail, trying to get the best score I could on Toy story ride and getting my picture taken with Groot. After some time, back at the hotel I went back to Disneyland and I enjoyed watching  the Main Street electoral parade. I really enjoyed My summer 2017 Disneyland trip (I got to rode it’s a small world twice! ) I’m so thankful that I went to Disneyland this year!



Disney world Vacation 2016 and numbers 13,16,19 and 14

Hello bucket list friends! This is one blog post that I’m very excited to write ! Earlier this month some of dreams came true. I finally went to Disney world . I have been wanting to go for a very long time and I was so excited when I finally got there. My parents and I stayed at Disney’s port Orleans riverside resort. The first night in the hotel, I could not believe that I was finally there! The resort was simply beautiful. On the first night, we ate dinner at the food court at our hotel, before taking a ferry to Disney Springs. Disney Springs is a huge shopping and dining area. I went shopping at the world of Disney store, I love shopping at the World of Disney store at down town Disney in California, I was super excited to shop at the one in Disney Springs and it did not disappoint! I got some great souvenirs, day one was a success. Before I tell you about the list items I crossed off during my vacation take a look at some pictures from day one .



#16 Go to Disney’s Hollywood studious crossed off 12/5/2016

The day after we arrived in Disney world we went to our first park Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I knew that the park was undergoing a lot of construction but that there were still some great things to see and do there.  Our first ride of the day was the great movie ride . I recommend doing that one for sure. It was a lot of fun and a great way to start the day . My favorite ride of the whole park was rock n roller coaster not only is the ride about Aerosmith, it was a super fun and wild ride! My favorite show at Hollywood studios is the Little mermaid. Also the food and shopping were wonderful just as I had expected they would be . My first day in a park a Disney World was fabulous and I couldn’t wait to explore the other parks .



#19 Go to the Magic Kingdom crossed off 12/6/2016


The next park we went to was the magic kingdom I was excited to see the castle in person and to explore the park. I have been to Disneyland many times and this park is similar. it also has my favorite ride it’s a small world. I had a great time at this park even though it did rain really hard for a while and we had to go shopping for some new clothes. I really enjoyed the people mover ride and our lunch at the Liberty tree tavern. The seven-dwarf’s mine train was also a fun ride. This park is full of classic Disney magic and I can’t wait until I get the chance to explore it again.


#14 Go to Epcot crossed off 12/7/2016


I was very excited to visit this park because it is full of rides that there are not versions of in California. First off let me start by saying this park is huge! it is pretty amazing walking into Epcot for the first time and seeing spaceship earth in person is breath taking. There are some pretty awesome rides here my top five would be Test track, the gran fiesta tour, mission space, journey in to imagination with figment and living with the land at the end of the day I finally got a chance to go to club cool and try different sodas from all over the world including the infamous Beverly. I would love to spend some more time in this park someday, there is just so much to see and do here. If you get the chance to go to Disney World make sure to visit Epcot.







#13 Go to Disney’s animal kingdom crossed off 12/8/2016

This was the park I was the most excited to visit because I love animals. I was also super excited to see the tree of life I have seen many pictures of it and it is beautiful. It was really cool it finally see it in person.   The Kilimanjaro safari was my favorite I loved seeing the zebras and ostriches. My favorite show was festival of the Lion King because lion king is my favorite Disney movie. The Finding Nemo musical was also really awesome.  I also enjoyed Expedition Everest . Overall this park was really great!


Rock on Christina Epperly

A very merry Disneyland vacation

Hello my bucket list friends! I just got back from an amazing vacation to the Disneyland resort and I crossed off one item from my bucket list. This vacation was simply awesome! Before I tell you more about it take a look at some fun pictures from my vacation.

#124 – Go to Disney land at Christmas time
Disneyland is one of my favorite places but I had only been there during the summer months. I had never gotten the chance to see the huge Christmas tree on Main Street or to see small world, hunted mansion and jungle cruise completely transformed with decorations. I was very excited to cross this one off my list. When I walked down Main Street it was more amazing than I thought it would be. The Christmas tree was breath taking with so many cute ornaments on it and it was so huge! I don’t think I’d ever seen fully decorated Christmas tree that tall before. There were decorations all over the park the wreath on the castle was so pretty! There were also some really neat Christmas themed souvenirs. The day we arrived I went shopping at the world of Disney store in downtown Disney and among other thing I bought a pair of red and green mouse ears. As my vacation continued I was able to get more Christmas themed souvenirs. I was also very impressed with all the rides that were decorated. It’s a small world is my favorite ride at Disneyland and I was very excited to see it decorated It was more amazing then I thought it would be. It was so beautiful I really enjoyed it. The other decorated rides were also so amazing if you ever get a chance to go to Disneyland at Christmas time I highly recommend it. On the other hand if you can’t stand crowds this would not be a good time to go but if you are ok with crowds it is so worth going. Disney California Adventure Park was also beautifully decorated and there is a really nice Christmas tree also the World of color winter dreams show is very fun and festive. I hope I get the chance to go at Christmastime again!

Challenge total 9/20
Rock on – Christina Epperly

Summer Vacation

Hey everyone last week I went on an amazing vacation to Disneyland and Hollywood! While I was on Vacation I crossed five things off my bucket list! My vacation was so much fun and crossing things off my bucket list made it even more fun! Before we take a look at the items I crossed off here are some fun pictures from my vacation .

#110 get a Disney balloon .Crossed off June 2015
As most of you probably know I love going to Disneyland and I also really love going shopping. I might have gotten a Disney balloon when I was a little kid but I don’t remember it So I put this on my list so I could get this famous Disney souvenir . This one was pretty easy to cross off I just walked up and bought a balloon. Even though it was easy it was really fun carrying it back to the hotel. As I write this my balloon is floating in my room and I love looking at it.

435 438

#183 Create a Disney bear at a build a bear in downtown Disney
This one was just pure fun to cross off! When I was younger I was a huge build a bear fan and as I got older I never stopped liking build a bear. Since I love Disney and build a bear I knew that this one would be fun to cross off. When I walked into the downtown Disney build a bear I saw that they had a special Disneyland bear! I was so excited! I knew that was the one I was going to make! I named my bear Princess Gumdrop and I bought her a special Disneyland outfit complete with mouse ears! 954 959

#192 Go to Hollywood. Crossed off June 2015
Hollywood is a very famous city and since I love TV and Music I just had to put it on my list. Hollywood is a very busy and somewhat overwhelming place but it is overall a pretty amazing city. I enjoyed walking on Hollywood boulevard and I had a good time shopping and taking pictures .I really hope I get to go back some day.

1095 1098 1099

#169 Go to the Hard rock café. Crossed off June 2015
I love listening to music especially rock. The hard rock café looked like a really cool place so I put it on my list and I’m really glad I did. This place was just so cool and the decorations were amazing! There was also a stage and I got to go on it and take a picture! The food was also really good! I highly recommend this place!

1379 1381 1113

#21 Visit the walk of fame . Crossed off June 2015
As you can tell from my last blog post I’m a huge Alice Cooper fan so I really wanted to see his star on the walk of fame. I was so excited When I finally found it! I Love the picture that I have of me and the star! It was also a lot of fun just to walk along the walk of fame and see all the stars . – Christina
1072 1074 1075