Florida vacation 2021 part five

Hello, my bucket list friends! It may seem like it but I haven’t forgotten about my Florida vacation posts. Here we are at part five of my vacation. On this day we went to Magic Kingdom.  I’m pretty sure this is the most popular park in Disney world. It’s the one with Cinderella’s castle. Just like Disney’s Hollywood studios this park was also very credit the day of our visit. However we were still able to experience some fun attractions. Some of my favorite rides we went on were the people mover,the Carousel, Buzz lightyear space ranger spin and Pirates of the Caribbean. One thing I was excited to do was to go to the Hall of President’s. Last time we were in Florida I went to this attraction but my parents did not and I was excited to show it to them. I also got to go on my favorite ride in this park. It’s a small world is my favorite at both Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida.This ride is like jumping into a painting. It turly is a work of art! On this day of my trip I got one of my favorite Disney snacks a soft Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel! For our meal that day we had lunch at the Diamond horseshoe. They had a really good vegetarian menu and I wish I could eat there again! My favorite souvenire that I got on this day is a Mickey Mouse Christmas themed magnet. We also took pictures in front of the castle. I’m happy with the way ours pictures look. I wish we would have gotten to do more but it was pretty crowded. Overall it was a good day. Thanks for reading!

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Florida vacation 2021 part four

Hello,my bucket list friends! It’s time for part four of my vacation to Florida. The day after we went to Disney’s Hollywood studios we took a day off from going to the parks and spent some time at Disney springs. Disney springs is a large outdoor shopping and dining area. Just like the parks Disney Springs has plenty to explore. My favorite store in Disney Springs is called World of Disney. It is a very large Disney store. I enjoyed shopping there and getting some cool souvenires. We also came across a store called Basin where I got a bath bomb. I have not tried it yet but I hope to soon. We ate lunch at a restaurant call the Boat House. I had some really amazing pasta there. I was really excited to see that there was a carousel at Disney Springs. I don’t remember seeing one when I was there before. My mom and I had a fun time riding it. I wish I could ride a carousel every day. Disney springs also had a lot of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. You could get free map that had circles where all the trees were located. It also came with stickers that represented the theme of that tree. Once you put the stickers on the circles you could get a prize. I got a really cool button once I put all the stickers on the map. I enjoyed Disney Springs and I hope to go again one day.

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Florida vacation 2021 part three

Hello,my bucket list friends! It’s time for part three of my Florida vacation. On this day we went to Disney’s Hollywood studios. This park had gone through some changes since we were there last. I was very excited to ride Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway. This ride was not there the last time we visited. This was the first ride that we road that day. The line was already pretty long even early in the day. However it was worth the wait. This ride is so cute and fun. I wish I could have road it more then once. This park was very crowded when we were there and it was hard to enjoy at certain points. Even with the crowds we still manged to do some great rides. We paid for the lighting lane to go on Rise of the Resistance. It was expensive but we all really liked the ride. It was a fun adventure and I hope to go on this ride again some day. Another one of my favorite rides in Disney’s Hollywood studios is Toy Story midway mania. They have this ride in California Adventure on the west coast so I have gone on it a few times. I’m glad we were able to do this ride however we were not able to go on any other rides in the Toy Story area of the park. We had lunch at a restaurant called the Hollywood brown derby. I liked this restaurant and the food I had there. My plate looks amazing in the picture I took. I also got a pretty good picture of me with Goofy in the background. Another thing we did was watch the Beauty and the Beast show. I watched this show that lest time we were here and I was happy that we got to do again. One of my favorite things we did was Walt Disney presents. This attraction is a gallery and there is also a movie about Walt Disney there. I highly recommend checking this out if you get the chance. After spending the day at the park we checked into Disney’s all star movies hotel. The night I went to the photo booth that was located in the arcade. I love photo booths! I wish there were more common then they are. I also went to the gift shop at the hotel. I loved staying at the all star resorts I liked music a little better than movies but the were both awesome.

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Florida vacation 2021 part two

Hello,my bucket list friends! I’m really excited to write this post because I’m going to talk about Epcot which is also known as my favorite park in Disney world. The day after going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom we went to Epcot. I had been to this park once before and it had become my favorite East coast amusement park. After going there a second time I can confirm that it is my favorite amusement park on the East coast. Epcot is a very unique theme park and I really enjoy going here. Some of my favorite rides at this park are Journey into Imagination with Figment,test track, the Gran Fiesta tour,the seas with Nemo and friends and spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth  is the big golf ball like structure that Epcot is famous for. I know that this ride has been around for awhile but I still  find it to be enjoyable. I love how test track allows you to build and test your own car.Epcot has this part of the park that is called world showcase. This huge area is split up into eleven different countries. Walking through this area is truly like traveling the world. In Canda we watched a movie about the country that was shown in a circle shaped theater. The screen went all around you. We also ate our lunch in world showcase at the same restaurant that we went to the last time we visited Epcot. The restaurant we ate at is called nine dragons and it’s located in the China Pavilion in world showcase. I was very excited to eat here again because I really love the food here. During the Christmas season Epcot does the candlelight processional show. I didn’t think we were going to be able to see it because it very popular. However as we were walking around world showcase we saw that the stand by line for the show was close to being empty and that there were still seats available. I was very happy that we got seats. It was a beautiful unexpected surprise. I have to say that it was a truly beautiful and amazing show. I’m so happy that I got to see this show. Another fun thing that we did in Epcot was to collect these little cards from the eleven pavilions in world showcase.  This activity is geared towards kids the places the you pick up the cards are called kidcot fun stops. At first I thought that only kids could get them. However when we were in one of the country pavilions we found out that it was open to everyone. If you collect a card from every country you can get a postcard as a prize. We didn’t get all the cards but I’m happy I got some of them. I hope to go back to Epcot sometime and collect all the cards. I also had a treat here called school bread I had heard about this baked good before and I was excited to try it. It was a very unique tasting but I did enjoy it. Some of my other Epcot highlights include the Beauty and the Beast sing a long, going shopping and getting a pressed penny souvenir If you could only visit one park in Disney world I recommend going to Epcot. Thanks for reading.

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Florida vacation 2021 part one

Hello,my bucket list friends! I’m super excited to tell you all about the very fun vacation I went on recently. My vacation started when my parents and I arrived in Orlando on December 4th. We checked into Disney’s all star music resort. I love the way this resort is decorated. It’s a true work of art. On the evening we arrived I got a refillable mug at the cafeteria and some awesome items at the souvenir shop. The next morning we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safaris. This ride feels like a real safari because there are real animals. I loved seeing the giraffes,elephants and lions. My favorite show at Animal Kingdom is festival of the Lion King. The Lion King is my favorite movie. I loved seeing some of the characters from the movie as well as hearing songs from the movie. I also really enjoyed the new show called kite tails. It was Lion King themed as well. It was a very unique show and I hope Disney does more kite shows in the future. As always I did some shopping two of my favorite things that I got that day were a hat and a popcorn bucket. Popcorn buckets are a good thing to get in Disney world because they have low cost refills during the length of your trip. Another exciting thing we did that day was eat at the rainforest Cafe. I love the rainforest Cafe but there is not any locations close to me. It’s always a fun place to eat and the pasta I had there was really good. After having a fun day In Animal Kingdom, I went swimming at the piano pool at our hotel. I loved that there was a little mermaid statue next to the pool. Thank you for reading this part of my Florida vacation.

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My second time in Disney world!

Hello,my bucket list friends! I just returned from a fun vacation to Florida! Disney World was the main focus of this vacation but we also did a really fun tour that included getting to see different kinds of animals! I will be doing more posts about this vacation however for now I wanted to make a quick post about some some the highlights. We went to all four Disney World parks. Epcot is my favorite park and I’m really happy that I  got to go there again. I also really enjoyed Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney springs. I did a good amount of shopping and enjoyed some shows at the Disney parks. On the downside the crowds were higher then they were the last time we went to Disney World.  Even with the crowds it was still a fun vacation and I’m excited to tell you more about it in future posts. For now I’m going to post some pictures from my adventure to Florida. Thanks for reading!

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Disney world Vacation 2016 and numbers 13,16,19 and 14

Hello bucket list friends! This is one blog post that I’m very excited to write ! Earlier this month some of dreams came true. I finally went to Disney world . I have been wanting to go for a very long time and I was so excited when I finally got there. My parents and I stayed at Disney’s port Orleans riverside resort. The first night in the hotel, I could not believe that I was finally there! The resort was simply beautiful. On the first night, we ate dinner at the food court at our hotel, before taking a ferry to Disney Springs. Disney Springs is a huge shopping and dining area. I went shopping at the world of Disney store, I love shopping at the World of Disney store at down town Disney in California, I was super excited to shop at the one in Disney Springs and it did not disappoint! I got some great souvenirs, day one was a success. Before I tell you about the list items I crossed off during my vacation take a look at some pictures from day one .



#16 Go to Disney’s Hollywood studious crossed off 12/5/2016

The day after we arrived in Disney world we went to our first park Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I knew that the park was undergoing a lot of construction but that there were still some great things to see and do there.  Our first ride of the day was the great movie ride . I recommend doing that one for sure. It was a lot of fun and a great way to start the day . My favorite ride of the whole park was rock n roller coaster not only is the ride about Aerosmith, it was a super fun and wild ride! My favorite show at Hollywood studios is the Little mermaid. Also the food and shopping were wonderful just as I had expected they would be . My first day in a park a Disney World was fabulous and I couldn’t wait to explore the other parks .



#19 Go to the Magic Kingdom crossed off 12/6/2016


The next park we went to was the magic kingdom I was excited to see the castle in person and to explore the park. I have been to Disneyland many times and this park is similar. it also has my favorite ride it’s a small world. I had a great time at this park even though it did rain really hard for a while and we had to go shopping for some new clothes. I really enjoyed the people mover ride and our lunch at the Liberty tree tavern. The seven-dwarf’s mine train was also a fun ride. This park is full of classic Disney magic and I can’t wait until I get the chance to explore it again.


#14 Go to Epcot crossed off 12/7/2016


I was very excited to visit this park because it is full of rides that there are not versions of in California. First off let me start by saying this park is huge! it is pretty amazing walking into Epcot for the first time and seeing spaceship earth in person is breath taking. There are some pretty awesome rides here my top five would be Test track, the gran fiesta tour, mission space, journey in to imagination with figment and living with the land at the end of the day I finally got a chance to go to club cool and try different sodas from all over the world including the infamous Beverly. I would love to spend some more time in this park someday, there is just so much to see and do here. If you get the chance to go to Disney World make sure to visit Epcot.







#13 Go to Disney’s animal kingdom crossed off 12/8/2016

This was the park I was the most excited to visit because I love animals. I was also super excited to see the tree of life I have seen many pictures of it and it is beautiful. It was really cool it finally see it in person.   The Kilimanjaro safari was my favorite I loved seeing the zebras and ostriches. My favorite show was festival of the Lion King because lion king is my favorite Disney movie. The Finding Nemo musical was also really awesome.  I also enjoyed Expedition Everest . Overall this park was really great!


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