Disney’s 12 days of socks

Hello, my bucket list friends ! When I was in Disneyland this month ( you can read about it HERE and HERE) I got a 12 days of socks advent calendar! I thought it would be fun to share all the cute socks the advent calendar contained so let’s get to it ! 


Disney’s 12 days of socks

 Day 1 – Day one’s socks were printed with sugar cookies ! Including Mickey shaped cookies of course ! I had a hard time opening the windows to get the socks out so most of the time I just reached my hand in through the top of the box to get the socks out. Anyways day one’s socks were super cute and I loved wearing them ! 


    Day 2- All the socks in the calendar follow a food/ treat themes I was excited to see what sweet treat would be on day two’s socks. The next treat I got to wear on my feet was Mickey shaped cake pops and candy canes ! I love candy canes and Mickey Mouse. Day two’s socks were pretty awesome since they featured a double treat combo. 



Day 3 –  Day three’s socks were clear that this is the most yummiest time of the year! 



    Day 4 – Day four’s socks had one big sweet treat printed on them, a big Minnie Mouse ginger bread cookie ! I got a cookie similar to this when I was in Disneyland. When I look at this pair of socks I remember just how good that ginger bread cookie tasted ! 


               Day 5-  Day five’s socks were a fun combo of Mickey Mouse shaped peppermints and gumdrops. Two things that would be awesome to decorate a gingerbread house with. I really liked this pattern. I think it just might be one of my favorites ! 



Day 6- Day six’s socks had a big Minnie Mouse caramel apple on them. I’ve never really thought of a caramel apple as a Christmastime treat but the way that they look on this pair of socks make me think that caramel apples might just be a perfect treat for Christmastime.



Day 7-  Over half way through the 12 days of socks ! Day seven’s socks featured a traditional Christmas treat, hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream! Of course it was in a fun Mickey Mouse mug.  



Day 8 – Day eight’s socks looked like a baking sheet full of delicious Christmas Cookies !   



Day 9 –  Day nine brought a whole line up of sweet treats with hot chocolate , peppermints and cake pops ! 



Day 10 – I don’t remember at what point I started doing this but I was just pulling socks out of the box without trying to match them to the number . Day ten’s socks were some very cute Mickey Mouse ginger bread cookies ! 


Day 11- Now, day eleven’s socks were really full of fun ! Stripes,snowflakes and other cool things were featured on the socks .



Day 12 – The last socks I got from this fun advent calendar were very cute ! There was one big Mickey Mouse marshmallow pop on each sock ! This was the perfect pair of socks to end this really great advent calendar with ! 

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