#129 visit a cat cafe

Hello bucket list friends! I’m proud to announce that I have crossed off my first bucket list item of 2016! I’m also happy to say that there will be more list items crossed off soon but for now let me tell you about the latest item I have crossed off my bucket list!
#129 visit a cat café – crossed off January 2016
I love cats! I have two cats at home so when I heard about cat cafes I knew I had to put this on my list. The closest cat café is about an hour away from where I live so I was super excited and thankful when my cousin agreed to drive to the café. I made reservations on my phone because it is a pretty popular place and reservations are highly recommended. We were about an hour early for our reservation so we shopped at a nearby good will until it was time to go meet the cats! I was very excited when we got there and I was not at all disappointed. I had a great time petting the cats and drinking chai. It was a really enjoyable experience. All the cats there are available for adoption or they have already been adopted and are waiting to go to their forever home. There were some really great cats there and I wish I could have adopted one but I don’t think my cats at home would have been happy about that. Overall it was an amazing experience and I really hope that I get to go back some time and meet some more awesome cats! I highly recommend this more all cat lovers!

Rock on – Christina Epperly