Blogmas day 23 Saying Goodbye to LA and a very busy day

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m doing my best to catch up on my Blogmas posts. I love Christmastime, but it is also a very busy time, so it is easy to get behind on blog posts. Anyways, let’s talk about my last day in Los Angeles! On Thursday, I left LA and went back home. Vacation always goes by fast, and when Thursday came, I wasn’t really ready to leave yet. My flight was not until later in the day so I spent a lot of time at the airport that day. The big highlight of the day was getting a cute plush toy that said Los Angeles on it. I also got to eat at the Habit, and I got coffee at Starbucks. I did my best to enjoy my time in the airport since I was still technically still on vacation. My flight back home went well, and then it was time to focus on getting read for Christmas. On Friday there was a lot to do. It is always very busy on the days leading up to Christmas, and I was getting overwhelmed with everything, but there were some highlights, including going to Savers ,Barnes and Nobel, and Kohls. At Saver’s, I got some books and toys to add to my collection, including a big bag of pony toys and a Barbie fashion fever accessories set. At Barnes and Noble, I got two Barbie books, including a sticker book. At Kohls, I got this super cute book that was similar to the Los Angeles book I got when I was on vacation. We also went to Whole Foods, where I got some very yummy food from the hot bar. It turned out to be a good day overall.

Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Christina the bee


Hello my bucket list friends! it feels like it has been way too long since I have written a blog post.  With work, school, family, friends and other commitments it seems like I don’t have much time to breath anymore!  I do like being busy though because being board is way worse than being busy as a bee. I really do feel like bee buzzing around from place to place with a lot to do.  I’m going to be honest even though it is better than being board it can it drive me crazy at times because I don’t have time to do things I enjoy like this blog. It’s crazy how busy I am sometimes but I’m thankful for all the opportunities that God has given me. I’m doing my best to take it one day at a time. I have plans to cross off a few list items soon and I can’t wait to write all about them. I hope all of you are working hard to make your dreams come true! Rock on – Christina Epperly