Awesome Arizona !

Hey everyone a few weeks ago I went on an amazing trip to Arizona! It was just a short weekend trip but I will never forget it! I crossed one thing off my list while I was there but I also did some amazing things that were not on my list. So let’s get to it!

The first night I got to Arizona we went to the hard rock café. Going to the hard rock café was on my bucket list but I crossed it off when I was in Hollywood earlier in the summer but I knew that I liked it and I was excited to go back! I got some really cute stuff at the gift shop inside on the café. One of my favorite things that I bought at the gift shop is a little stuffed bear wearing a sweatshirt that says hard rock café phoenix on it. The first day was pretty cool not just because of the hard rock café but because I got to go on an airplane for the first time in a while and that was pretty exciting. As cool as the first day was the second day was everything I hoped for and more! Day two started off with a trip to the Phoenix zoo I love animals and I knew the zoo would be a fun place to go. I had a blast at the zoo I saw a zebra, orangutans, flamingos, bears and much more! I also got to ride a camel and that was really amazing! The zoo also had water play areas and one of the water areas had a cave that was a lot of fun to go into ! The zoo also had a really awesome gift shop! I got a bunch of amazing stuff including a stuffed animal giraffe with a phoenix zoo sweatshirt! The zoo was just so much fun! After the zoo I got to cross off a list item!

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#205. Go to Alice Cooper’s town – Crossed off August 2015
As most of you know I’m a huge fan of Alice cooper so I just had to go to his restaurant when I was in Arizona. His restaurant was within walking distant from our hotel! It was every bit as Awesome as I thought it would be! Alice cooper’s picture was all over everything it was amazing and I was all smiles. I really want to go back to his restaurant as soon as possible! 337 338 341 342 344 345 350 353 354 355 358 359 360

That night we went to the whole foods in Phoenix and we also went swimming at the amazing hotel pool! It was the perfect way to end the day! The next day we flew back home It was a short trip but it was a very amazing trip!
Rock on! – Christina Epperly