Virtual 5k bucket list #290

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m excited to say that I’ve crossed another item off of my bucket list! I enjoy doing 5ks so I was excited to see what doing a virtual 5k would be like. I did my 5k through a website called virtual run. There are many different 5k themes to choose from. I chose the flamingo one because I loved the medal.Once I signed up for the 5k all I had to do was wait for my number and medal to arrive. One thing that I really like about virtual runs is that you can chose your own time and place. You don’t have to get up early or worry about the weather. For my 5k I chose a trail that I’m familiar with and enjoy walking on.I brought my medal and my number with me as I went on one of my favorite walks. I walked most of the way and finished in an hour and ten minutes. I was so happy to put the medal on when I finished. There are many cute medals to chose from I may just have to do another virtual run sometime!

Super Run 5k February 2018

Hello ,My bucket list friends ! One of my goals for 2018 is to get back into doing 5k races. I’m happy to say that I recently did my first race of the year it was a really fun! Keep reading to hear all about it !


Super Run 5k February 17th 2018

I really enjoy doing 5k races but it had been a while since I had done one because I was in massage school for a year . Now that I have more time I’m excited to get back into doing something I love . The day of the race I was excited and ready to go . As you might have guessed the race had a super hero theme. A lot of the racers dressed up in some really fun and creative costumes but I stuck to my workout pants and a purple shirt . I was doing the race with my mom and we both wanted to walk the 5k so we stayed together during the race . The race was held at a beautiful park that I had been to before but I had never done a race at . The was a lot of great scenery to look at as my mom and I fast walked our way through the race . When we got close to the finish I ran across the finish line ! I was so happy to get my awesome finisher’s medal . Not all 5k races give out finishers medals but I love when they do and that was one of the reasons that I chose this race . I had a great time with my mom at the Super 5k and I can’t wait until I get to do another one !

Rock on – Christina Epperly

The color run !

Hello my bucket list friends! I did something really awesome today.  I did the color run 5k! I’m trying my best to get ready for #167 (complete the Disneyland half marathon) I’m really happy to have completed another 5k and I hope to do a 10k before the Disneyland half marathon

The color run May 28, 2016

The color run is one of the most well-known 5ks , I had seen pictures of it and it looked like a lot of fun so I signed up. I was planning on trying to beat my time from my last 5k but it was so hot that I decided to walk most of the way.  My mom and I had a pretty good time at this race even with the heat. It was a lot of fun getting covered in colored powder! There were also huge beach balls one even got brought on to the race course. Overall it was a fun and happy time.  I would do this race again!


Rock on – Christina Epperly

Progress report for #167

Hello bucket list friends! In an earlier blog post I announced that I signed up for the Disneyland half marathon that will take place later this year. I also said that I had joined a gym to help me to reach my goal of completing the half marathon. You can read about it here. I thought that now would be a good time to give you all an update on my progress with number 167 and tell you about my first 5k of 2016 so let’s get going.


Wildflower run 4/3/16

Last week I completed my first 5k of 2016! I had a lot of fun doing this race, it has been around since 1984 and it was awesome to be a part of it. I had not done a 5k since I started going to the gym and I was both nervous and excited to see how I would do. I did my very best with this race, my time was not what I wanted it to be but overall I was happy with it. I finished with a time of 41:29. I have another race coming up in May and I hope it finish in 39 minutes or less. Overall I really enjoyed this 5k and I’m really proud of myself for all my hard work and I can’t wait to keep getting better!

rock on – Christina Epperly

All because of number 108 !

A big hello to all my bucket list friends! You never know what can happen when you cross an Item off your bucket list you may just find a new hobby! That is exactly what happened to me when I crossed off number #108 Run / walk a 5k! I talked a little bit about this in my post Hello Summer but I wanted to share more with all of you about my running adventures so let’s get to it!

The bubble run June 2014
This is the one that started it all! This the first 5k that I did it was the race that I used to cross number 108 off my list . The bubble run was so much fun! I’m a kid at heart so I love bubbles! My friend and I had so much fun running through all of the colored bubbles! I felt so amazing when I finished this fun 5k and crossed another item off my list. After I finished the bubble run I knew I wanted to do many more races!

179 173 170 169

The black light run March 2015
This was the next race I did after crossing off number 108. I was excited to do another 5k. The black light run is a night time race where colored powder is thrown on you while you run. The pre- party was tons of fun there was a really good DJ and colored powder was also thrown during the pre-party. It was so much fun dancing with all of the other racers and getting pumped up for the race! It was also really awesome to run the race with my mom. I was very happy to finish my 2nd 5k!

650 649 728 764 749 696 699 692 720 681

Lighting the way 5k – July 2015
This was a morning time race held at a local park. It was a race to raise money for charity. It felt great to be a part of something that helped other people! This was the first 5k I did by myself. This was a simple race with nothing flashy like a DJ or bubbles but it was for a good cause. I felt really good when I finished this race I loved watching my time improve. It was overall a really good race and I’m really glad I was part of it.

663 670 678 679 671

The Firefly run 5k – July 2015
This was a nighttime race I did with my mom one week after the lighting the way 5k. Streets were closed off for this race and it was pretty cool running in the road there were a lot of people dressed up in some really cool costumes. After this race everyone got a medal. It was the first race I did where I got a medal at the end . It was overall a really fun race and I enjoyed it a lot!

797 798 808 815 730 749 750 752 766 771 783

Froyo 5k – August 2015
I’m a big lover of frozen yogurt and 5k’s so this was the perfect race for me! This was the 2nd race that I did by myself. This race started and ended in a park but was run along the streets. I had fun doing this race and at the end I got frozen yogurt and a medal!

050 062 066 069 075 081 102 104 106 115

Foam glow 5k – October 2015
This race is like the bubble run but at night! It was so cool to see everyone with glow in the dark rings, glasses, hats and more. This race was held at the same place as the bubble run and the black light run so I knew the area pretty well. I had an awesome time running through the bubbles. I took it pretty at this 5k walking most of the time but it was really fun to just relax and enjoy the awesome foam glow 5k!

514 515 516 523 524 527 531 537 545 549 564 566 571

I have another 5k next month I can’t wait ! Oh and don’t worry I have not forgot about the bucket list challenge ! I’ve already crossed two more things off and I will share them with you soon ! – Rock on Christina Epperly