Blogmas day 15 an evening shopping trip to Target

Hello, my bucket list, friends! For today’s blog post, I’m going to talk about my latest Target run! Christmas is approaching fast. Before I know it, I will be writing my Christmas day post. However, for now, I’ll focus on writing this post. Yesterday evening I went to Target. I needed to get some gifts. I really like going to Target and seeing what fun stuff I can find there. Along with the gifts, I also got some stuff for myself. In the dollar section, I got two craft kits. In other areas of the store,I found more items that I decided to bring home with me. I got some Kinder Joy eggs,a pair of cute socks,two peppermint lollipops,and a juice with a toy on top. However,my favorite thing that I got was a Barbie doll. This Barbie doll is different from the regular Barbie dolls that I have. This doll is called my first Barbie. She is larger than most Barbie dolls. She has a really unique look, and I’m very happy to have her in my collection. I was happy with my trip to Target, and after shopping, we got Starbucks at the location inside of Target. I did have fun at Target, but it was pretty crowded. As it gets closer to Christmas, I bet things will get more crowded. I’m glad that I have most of my Christmas shopping done already.

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