Best bath bomb so far !

Hello, my bucket list friends! I want to really work on slowing down this year and taking time to relax. One of the ways I’ve been doing that is by taking relaxing baths. I’ve gotten more and more into using bath bombs. I ordered a four bath bombs online from this company called Two Sisters Spa. I used one of the bath bombs I ordered from there last night and it is the best bath bomb I’ve used so far. It’s smelled like candy, turned the water a beautiful blue color and it had a unicorn toy inside! I can’t wait to try the other bath bombs that I ordered from them.


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3 thoughts on “Best bath bomb so far !

  1. Your bath bomb reminds me of the bath bombs from Lush! I’ve never used a bath bomb from Lush, but it is on my bucket list. 😄 Even though I haven’t heard of Two Sisters Spa, I agree that this bath bomb is really pretty ❤

    1. I want to try out Lush as well! I’ve heard a lot of good things about their bath bombs. I’ve been in their store before but I wasn’t into bath bombs at the time.

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