New year new list items

Hello, My bucket list friends! Since we are still in the first month of 2018 I thought that it would be a good idea to add some new items to my bucket list. My list is always growing as I discover new things that I want to do. Take a look at my new list items and feel free to use them for your own list!


  1. Meet Alice cooper

I know it’s surprising that I did not have this on the list from the very beginning It was because I was worried that it would never happen but I’m so over that now. I have so many crazy things on the list that this one fits right in

  1. Be on the radio

I want to be on TV and write this goes with my goal of inspiring people to go for their dreams .


  1. Get acupuncture

When I was in massage school acupuncture was mentioned from time to time, but I had been interested in trying it before I went to school for massage.   I’m curious to see what it feels like.

  1. Go to knotts berry farm

I love going to amusement parks and this a pretty popular one  and it  looks like a lot of fun and as a bonus it’s close to Disneyland!

  1. Go to Magic Mountain

I’ve drove past this amusement park before and I’ve heard people talk about its impressive rollercoasters. It seems like the perfect place for an adventure.




I’m excited to have these new items join my list and I can’t wait to see what items I will cross off my list this year! Maybe even some of these new ones.

Rock on – Christina Epperly



My crazy dream is to cross everything off my bucket list ! Follow my blog to read about my bucket list adventures , travel , everyday life and other fun things !

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