Things I love September 2021

Hello,my bucket list friends! Before I go any further into this post, I need to say something. How on earth is it already October? I feel like we just said goodbye to August and now it’s October! Well I guess it’s time to take a look at September’s highlights.

New additions to my doll collection-  I added two American Girl dolls to my collection this month.I also got a new Barbie color reveal doll as well as some other Barbie dolls from Savers. ( You can read about some of my new dolls HERE and HERE.

Bird house craft kit – I had a lot of fun painting a wooden bird house this month! (You can read about it HERE)

Hanging out with Amy – The further you get into adulthood,the harder it can be to find time to spend with friends. I got to see my friend Amy twice this month!

The new My Little Pony Movie- The next generation of My Little Pony began with a movie on Netflix. I absolutely loved this movie. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this new generation of ponies!

Dollar Tree and the mall – I went shopping to the Dollar Tree and the mall this month! ( You can read about it HERE)

There you have it the things I loved in September 2021 !

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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