Light Heart book club discussion Feb. 2021

Hello, my bucket list friends! I finally finished February book club book. Our book was Kira Down Under by Erin Teagan. This the first book for the American Girl of the year for 2021. I can’t wait to tell you about about the book. As always there is just one more thing. The following post contains major plot points ( Spoilers ) for the book . If you want to read the book and haven’t yet, I suggest you wait to read this post until you have finished the book. Now, let’s get into our discussion!

My favorite part of the book – I loved reading about the start of Kira’s Australian adventure! She was so excited to meet the animals at the wildlife rescue. As someone who loves animals I can only imagine how exciting that would be. I also loved that Kira made a friend that loved animals as much as she did.

My least favorite part of the book was when Kira’s aunt had to go to the hospital. That must have been so scary for Kira to watch.

Overall view of the book – I enjoyed reading this book especially because I love animals. I liked how most of the story was set at an animal rescue. I would recommend this book especially for people who love animals.

For this books activity. I suggest you check out a wildlife rescue center if there’s one close to you. Pretty recently I visited the one near me when I found an injured rat.

Thanks for reading!

Rock On – Christina Epperly


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