Light heart book club January 2021 book discussion

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I’m very excited about this month’s book discussion for two reasons one because this post is on time and the other reason being I really loved this book! This month’s book was Amazing Acrobats by Meredith Costain and illustrated by Danielle McDonald. As always there is just one more thing. The following post contains major plot points ( Spoilers ) for the book . If you want to read the book and haven’t yet, I suggest you wait to read this post until you have finished the book. Now, let’s get into our discussion!

My favorite part of the book – I had so many favorite parts in this book but one that stands out to me was when Olivia found out about a free circus skills workshop. I was happy that she had found a better place to practice her circus skills other than her back yard and I’m pretty sure her mom was too after what happened to her vegetable garden!

My least favorite part of the book – It was hard seeing Olivia’s friend Matilda struggle with her fear of hanging upside-down but I was so happy for her when she overcame that fear.

Activity – In the beginning of the book Oliva begans practicing her acrobatics on the playground at her school. She practiced on the monkey bars a lot.When I crossed off go to three playgrounds in one day off my bucket list I made sure to visit the monkey bars. However I’m not near as skilled as Olivia is !

Rock On – Christina Epperly


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