Blogmas day 3 candy, play-doh, and more!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Well, it looks like we have made it to blogmas day 3. For today’s blogmas, I thought I would talk about what I did yesterday. I had some time before work after I got dropped off in town, so I decided to visit the coffee shop and the candy store. My main reason for going to the candy store was to buy a mineral water, but while I was there, I also got this lollipop holder that is shaped to look like Sky from Paw Patrol. Then I went to work and had a good and normal day at work. After work, I went to Safeway. I got food, of course, but I also got some fun things too. I got two containers of play-doh,some flavored candy canes, a container that had two Hot Wheels color reveal cars inside, and three chocolate candies that each come with a toy. I was happy with my first set of color reveal cars, and I’m excited to see what cars I get this time. Thanks for reading, and have a great last month of 2022!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Blogmas day 2 wooden Christmas art!

Hello, my bucket list friends! Happy 2nd day of blogmas! Today, I decided to do some art so I could blog about it. I have lots of different arts and crafts supplies, and I was not sure at first what I wanted to make. Then I found a bag of a bunch of wooden Christmas shapes. I rounded up some markers and decided to color the small wooden sign that said , ” Merry Christmas” on it. I also decided to make my sign very colorful! I kept grabbing different colors, and I really liked the way they looked together on the sign. This art project was both fun and quick to complete. I’m happy that I chose to make this art project today! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your months!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Things I love November 2022

Hello, my bucket list friends! Well it is time to say goodbye to November and head into the last month of 2022. I’m already making plans for the new year but for now let’s take a look back at the things I loved in November 2022.

Things I love November 2022

Going to Five Below – There is finally a Five Below location close to me! I was so excited to go check it out and I had a great time shopping there! ( You can read more about it HERE)

Buying Christmas items at Target – I went on a Christmas Shopping at Target where I got a lot of Christmas ornaments and other fun items! ( You can read about it HERE)

Painting a bird house – I had fun painting a bird house craft kit this month ( You can Read about it HERE)

Melissa and Doug art kit – I also enjoyed doing this fun craft kit this month. ( You can read about it HERE)

Enjoying the stores next to my work – I really like the location of my new job because it allows me to walk to a toy store, a candy store, and a coffee shop. ( You can read more about it HERE)

Decorating for Christmas – We have our Christmas tree and some of our outside lights up already. I love Christmas decorations.!

Going to Savers – I made it to Savers this month and I found some good stuff ( You can Read about it HERE)

Thanks for reading about the things I loved in November 2022!

Blogmas day one last night’s Target adventure

Hello,my bucket list friends and welcome to blogmas day one 2022! For the frist day of blogmas I thought I would share last night’s Target adventure. Without any more delay let’s get to it!

Last night my mom and I went to Target the reason being that we needed to get gifts for the giving tree program that my dad’s work is doing. We had two gifts to buy for that. Of course that is not all I bought though. At this target the dollar section is right by the doors that we entered in. Of course I had to grab a some things from that area. I ended up getting a Christmas tree craft kit and a set of two deer decorations. I’m happy to say I also managed to cross off an item from my seasonal bucket list that I just posted yesterday. ( You can read it HERE) I bought a Christmas themed Barbie while I was at target. In addition to all of those things I also got a pack of Chapstick and a super cute snail Christmas tree ornament. I’m happy to say that I found to really great gifts for the giving tree. It was a successful Target trip. Oh I almost forgot to say that and before we went to Target we went to Starbucks! I made it just a few minutes before they closed. Target and Starbucks are two things that go really well together in my opinion. Thanks for reading my first Blogmas post of 2022!

Rock on – Christina Epperly

My super fun Christmastime and December 2022 bucket list!

Hello, my bucket list friends! It is time for my last seasonal bucket list of the year! However, before I get to my bucket list I wanted to announce that I will be participating in blogmas this year! I hope to do blog posts on some of these seasonal bucket list items as I cross them off. I’m also really hoping to cross off more regular bucket list items in this last month of 2022! I really want to end this year on a good note. Without anymore delay lets get to it!

  1. Make my gingerbread Target store the I already bought
  2. Cross three more items off of my regular bucket list
  3. Go to a Christmas themed event
  4. Get another tattoo
  5. Take part in a White Elephant exchange
  6. Get my voice over website set up
  7. Go to a Christmas party
  8. Go on a Dollar Tree shopping spree
  9. Go on a vacation
  10. go to a concert
  11. make three Christmas themed craft kits
  12. Read 10 or more books
  13. decorate cookies or cupcakes
  14. do a Christmas themed photoshoot
  15. Go to Build a Bear Workshop and make a Christmas themed plush
  16. do a review on flavored candy canes
  17. Add more designs to my Red Bubble store
  18. Go swimming
  19. get my nails done
  20. Go see a movie
  21. Get a Christmas themed Barbie (from any year)
  22. Have an epic New Year’s eve
  23. Go to a museum
  24. Go to a Christmas Eve Church service
  25. dance to Christmas music and post it on Instagram
  26. play with face paint and post it
  27. get to 500 or more blog followers
  28. Help others during Christmas time
  29. Draw a Christmas themed picture
  30. spend lot’s of time with family and friends

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great last month of 2022

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Fall Bucket list 2022 results

Hello, my bucket list friends! I know that fall is not officially over yet however I personally consider now to be the Christmas season so I decided to wrap up my fall bucket list and I will be coming out with a Christmas bucket list soon. With all that being said I do have one more thing to say before I remind you of what was on my fall bucket list. I did forget what I put on this list and life got busy as it often does. I hardly crossed anything off. Well there is always next year lol.

`1. Go to a concert – Nope

2. Go on a vacation for at least three days yes! I went to visit family in Idaho ( You can read about it HERE)

3. Cross three items off my regular bucket list – No it’s been too long since I’ve crossed any items off I really need to do something about that

4. Make a vegan recipe – No, but I did start working at a heath food store that sells a lot of vegan items.

5. Do five arts and crafts kits in one day – nope I did do some craft kits but not five in a day

6. Read five books – nope I didn’t read any books

7. Do a paid voice acting job – nope

8. Get my home studio fully set up – It’s not fully set up but I did make a lot of progress with it

9. Enter at least three writing contests-no looks like I entered one on Vocal Media

10. Visit a state park – no, but I did go to a national monument

11. Get a new tattoo – Nope I really want to get another one soon though

12. Ride a carousel – nope

13. Go on a day trip- Yes, I did go on a day trip while I was in Idaho

14. Take a bath with 10 bath bombs – no I just couldn’t make myself use that many on one bath

15. Publish ten or more stories on Vocal Media no I published some stories but not ten.

16. Do a room tour blog post -nope

17. Do at least three food or drink review blog posts- yes this is the one thing that I actually remembered being on the list that I made an effort to do.I even did more then three yay! ( You can read them HERE,HERE ,HERE and HERE)

18. Do a self timer photoshoot with my cat – I did two self timer photo shoots but my cat was not in them.

19. Make sidewalk chalk art – nope

20. Go swimming – nope

21. Eat frozen yogurt – I can’t remember but I don’t think so lol

22. Binge watch a show I’ve never seen before – Nope

23. Get 500 or more blog followers – Nope

24. Make a Playlist for next summer – Nope

25. Watch a 90s movie that I have never seen before – Nope

Well there you go that’s how my fall 2022 list went!

Thanks for reading

Rock On -Christina Epperly

Work, Christmas lights and shopping fun including Savers

Hello, my bucket list friends! It is that time again! That’s right it is time for another blog post about what I did over the weekend. I’m happy to say that I did go shopping at Savers because it felt like a really long time since I had last been. I also went shopping at one of my favorite local business. I can’t wait to tell you all about it so let’s get to it!  

Friday – I had work on Friday but before work I went to Petco and Starbucks because my cat Cooper needed wet food. The good thing about Cooper needing wet food was that Petco is right next to Starbucks. I love going to Starbucks and it was the perfect way to start my day. This Friday was the day after Thanksgiving it is also known as black Friday. Meaning that it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The store got busy at times but it was a pretty normal day overall. After work I walked to the candy store where I got a Pez dispenser and a tube of candy that had a toy monkey on top I also got a can of mineral water from the brand Liquid Death. I got the lime flavor it’s my favorite flavor in that brand. After the candy store I went home and had a normal night at home.

Saturday- I did have work on Saturday. However before work my mom and I went to Starbucks , went on a nice walk at the park and then I went shopping at one of my favorite local toy stores. This is a different toy than the one that’s close to my work. I love this toy store a lot. I was happy to find some fun items on this shopping trip. I got two blind bags that have Breyer horses in them. I also got a Breyer Horse that was not in a blind bag. I was happy to see that the toy store had a lot of fun Christmas items. I got a Snowman ring and a cute chipmunk plush I also got some stickers as well but they weren’t Christmas themed. I was very happy with my little toy store haul. After that I went to work and had a good day working. After work I went to Safeway where I got a cupcake with rings on top. It was a great day!

Sunday – On this day I had the day off. I had one thing that I really wanted to do and that thing was to go shopping at Savers. I love going to Savers but it had been a while since I had gone there. Before Savers I we did make a stop at Starbucks. When we got to Savers I went to the toy section to look for Barbie dolls. There was not a large selection of dolls available however I did end up choosing three dolls including one Barbie that I believe is from the 70’s or 80’s. After that I went to look in some of other parts of the toy section including the plush animals. I wasn’t finding anything thing else that I wanted to add to my collection. Then in the game section I found a Candy Land game that was in a collector’s tin. Candy Land is one of my favorite board games. After that I found some more thing to add to my cart including a Full House book, a Candy Fairies book, three toy horses and a American Girl board game. I went back in looked in the toy section again and I’m glad I did because that is when I found some of the items I mentioned above. I’m happy to say that I got a Build a Bear that is supposed to also work as a speaker. I did not find this bear in the toy section I actually found this bear in a bin of go backs. I asked a nearby employee if the items the the bin where available and I was very happy when I found out that they were. I named my new Build a Bear Musical. I also got a cute sweatshirt from Old Navy. After Savers I got a gift card for a neighbor’s dog because were we going to a birthday party for the dog. The party was a lot of fun I loved seeing a bunch of the neighborhood dogs. After the dog party it was time to start putting up our outdoor Christmas lights. We made a lot of progress and our lights already look amazing. I love all of our candy cane shaped lights. It was a really good weekend!

I hope all of you enjoy your week!

Rock on Christina Epperly

Candy, coffee, and toys

Hello, my bucket list friends and Happy Thanksgiving! This year I’m spending thanksgiving with someone I love a lot! My cat Cooper! Cooper loves that I’m home because it has been cold lately and when it is cold cats love to cuddle! Anyways I wanted to talk about some of my highlights this week. So let’s get to it!

Tuesday – I had work on Tuesday after having Sunday and Monday off. One thing I really like about my new work is that the location is close to plenty of places that I can walk to. One of my favorite places that is close to my work is a candy store. Another one of my favorite near by places is a coffee shop that is near the candy store. On Tuesday I had time to go to both of these places before I had to be at work.  After I went to the coffee shop I went to the candy store where I got a mineral water. I love that the candy store has Liquid Death brand mineral water. I also got a snowman Pez dispenser. After that I went to work and then back home. I love that I can do some fun things before work now.

Wednesday – Once again I had some time before work to do have some fun. Before I got my coffee I went to the toy store. Yes, there is a toy store and a candy with in walking distance from my work now. When I went to the toy store I was not sure what I would end up getting but I knew I wanted to get another play foam pals. Play foam pals are a container of play foam with a toy animal hidden inside. I decided to get green play foam this time. I also bought two other items at the toy store. One was a candy cane shaped pop toy the other is a Christmas sticker book. I’m in a Christmastime mood and I can not seem to stop buying Christmas themed items. After the toy store came a visit to the coffee shop. After that the day was just like the day before. A good day at work then time to go home. However going home happened a little earlier on this day because the store I worked at closed early due to thanksgiving.  

Thanks for reading about some of my before work fun!

Rock On -Christina Epperly   

Coffee,crayons,Walgreens  and more

Hello, my bucket list friends and welcome to another weekend blog post !!! This weekend was pretty average but it did have some fun moments. I can’t wait to tell you about it so let’s get to it.

Friday- Friday was a pretty normal day. However I did have a few highlights including getting a visit from my neighbor’s dogs. My favorite part of the day was getting Starbucks before work. I love the Christmas themed cups this year they are so fun. Work went well then I went home and that is how my Friday went.

Saturday- I had work but not until mid afternoon so I had time to do some things before work. The first  thing I did was to print out some Crayola coloring pages and activities. I started doing one of the coloring pages but I didn’t have time to finish it because I had some things to do in town before I went to work. The first thing we did was to go and get coffee at Starbucks of course. Then it was off to our favorite park to walk at. The park was busier than it has been but we still enjoyed our walk. The weather was really nice so I’m guessing that is why there were more people there. After the park we went to Whole foods. I shopped quickly because I needed to be at work soon. My favorite things that I got on my quick shopping trip were a box of one of my favorite fruit snacks that comes with collectible cards. I also got two large candy canes and one of them was strawberry flavored. After that I went to work and it went well. When work was over I went to Walgreens. I need to get conditioner because what I had at home was not working well for my hair. In addition getting conditioner I was excited to go look at the Christmas section again. I ended up getting a pop toy shaped like a mitten and two plush dogs that sing when a button is pressed. I also got some snacks and of course the conditioner. It wasn’t a super exciting day but it was a pretty good day.

Sunday- I had the day off on Sunday. I didn’t go anywhere except for on a walk. However I did have Starbucks delivered to the house. I was really craving it so I decided just to splurge and spend the money to have a delivered. I also got a snowman cookie along with my coffee. Yes, it was expensive to have it delivered but I’m happy I did it. Another thing I did on Sunday was to put up more padding in my studio. I’ve been very slow at getting my voice acting career rolling however I’m happy with the progress that I made yesterday. Another fun thing I did was to watch and play along with an interactive Barbie movie on Netflix. It Was fun to see what would happen with different choices. I kind of want to do it again to see how different I can make it. The first time I tried it I accidentally made a mistake and got sent back to the beginning. However when I tried again I really like the way things turned out. I know Netflix has a few interactive movies and maybe I should try another one.

Thanks for reading my post about this weekend! I hope you all have blessed weeks.

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Sour Patch Kids Coal review. Another Sour Patch adventure!

Hello, my bucket list friends! It is time for another Sour Patch review! ( You can see my review of Sour Patch Kids popcorn HERE) I bought this product on Tuesday at a candy store near my work. I had some time before my shift started so I stopped by the candy store then I went to get coffee after that but that’s not really important to this post so back to the candy store. I loved seeing all the Christmas candy that was available. When I saw that they had Sour Patch Kids Coal I decided to try it. I had seen photos of Sour Patch Kids Coal but I had not tried it myself. I decided to buy it along with some other things. When it was time to try the candy I was curious what shape they would be. Would they be flat or round. Well it turns out the were kind of gumdrop shaped. Meaning they had a flat bottom and a round top. However they were not as tall as gumdrops are. As for the taste these candies are definitely sour candies. I mean they really pack a punch! Usually when I eat candy I eat one after another and before I know it I’ve emptied the whole container. I know that’s not a good thing but that’s how it usually happens lol. With this candy I didn’t do that because after a while my tongue started hurting. There are some sour candies that make your tongue hurt and some that don’t do that as much. However this candy is really powerful when it comes to the sourness. These candies have a black raspberry flavor. The flavor was good but the sour was overpowering at times. If you love sour I recommend trying this candy.

Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly