May comfort zone buster conclusion and June’s comfort zone buster


Hello, my bucket list friends and happy June! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to summer.  For my May comfort zone buster, I decide to take time for myself by expressing my creativity. I’m happy to say I did a pretty good job with this. I finished quite a few pages in my wreck this journal, uploaded some YouTube videos and published some more poems on writer’s café. It made me happy to make progress on my wreck this journal since finishing it is a bucket list item. It is very important to remember to take time for yourself and work on something you love




June 2017 comfort zone buster

For this month’s comfort zone buster, I decided to start making more personal blogs posts and YouTube videos. Of course, I’m still going to be posting about my bucket list and I will still be making my bucket list talk videos on YouTube but I will also be discussing my struggle with OCD and mental health in general. I consider myself to be an open book and this is something that I have been wanting to share on my blog for a while. Even though I am a very open and honest person sharing something that is so deep and personal can be nerve racking but I believe that mental health is something that needs to be talked about as much as possible. I hope to have my first post about my OCD up in a week or so. I look forward writing the posts and making the videos for you guys.  Rock on -Christina Epperly


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