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Bucket List Survey!


Hello Bucket list friends! As you might be able to guess I’m not very happy that I have not crossed off any list items this year but I am happy to say that I do have a few list items in the works but until then I thought that it would be fun to give you a little more information about my list. I decided to write a survey and share my own answers. Feel free to use the survey on your own blog or social media pages.

Bucket List Survey!

1. Favorite List item that I have crossed off so far – I have many favorites but if I had to choose I would have to say #183 create a Disney bear at the down town Disney build a bear . It was just pure fun ! You can read about it here

2. Least favorite list item I have crossed off so far –#33 Make a rainbow cake. It was so stressful, time consuming and it was a big mess. You can read about it here

3. Most adrenaline pumping list item that I have crossed off  so far –#155 Shoot a hand gun read about it here

4. Item I’m looking forward to the most –#13 Go to Disney’s Animal kingdom. I love Disney and Animals. I can’t wait to experience this park.

5. List item I’m not looking forward to –#28 Get my driver’s license. I’ve had a phobia of driving for many years but I think I might just cross this one off this year .

6. Scariest list item that I have crossed off so far – #146 go on the roof and watch the sunset . I was so nervous on the roof I had to crawl and I was so terrified to stand but the sunset was so beautiful it was worth it . read about it here

7. List item I’m worried that I will never cross off – #8 Hug John Cena

9. Year I started my list – 2012

10. Total number of items on my list – 205

I Can’t wait to cross more things off my list .

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